This Week at McMillin – April 10th-14th

State testing is starting in May for our 3rd through 6th-grade students.

The state testing program is designed to get hard for each student. The program is trying to see how high your child can go. Remind them that they will come across problems that they do not know how to do, but that it does not mean they cannot figure it out with time. Completing problems too fast is a concern, because they may have missed something. Faster does not mean smarter. This test is not timed, so remind your child to take their time and think through problems that they do not understand. I like to think of challenging problems as a game. See if they can beat the test. Time is on our side 🙂 …. to an extent.

Monday, April 10th

  • VAPA, Kinder

Tuesday, April 11th

  • VAPA, 4th/2nd

Wednesday, April 12th

  • VAPA, 5th/1st
  • Rosario’s class Think-a-Bit Lab
  • Board Meeting District Office (6:00 pm+)

Thursday, April 13th

  • VAPA 6th/3rd
  • Masonic Awards 6th Grade (9:45-10:30)

Friday, April 14th

  • Military Breakfast (7:45-8:15)

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