McMillin’s Kindness Challenge

McMillin is in the midst of our Kindness Challenge.  Under the leadership of our Student Council, we are striving to promote acts of kindness with the goal of making our school and community a place where we all feel valued and welcomed.

For the first week of our Kindness Challenge, students have been encouraged to make a conscious effort to be kind to one another.  We have noticed students going out of their way to say good morning, to ask how our days were, and to express their gratitude towards each other.  These acts of kindness have been acknowledged during our morning announcements with our “McMillin Kindness Shout Outs”

For the upcoming week, our Student Council is planning three spirit days where we promote the idea of being kind to each other and our community.

Wednesday- “Peace, Love, and Kindness Day”  Students are encouraged to dress like a hippie to promote the idea of peace and love.



Thursday- “Mix It Up Day”- During lunch, students will have the opportunity to sit with students from their grade level, or one grade level above or below, that they normally don’t sit with.  Student council will be making conversation frames to help guide conversations and to promote the idea of making new friends.

Friday- “We Mustache You to be Kind to Others Day”- To promote the idea of spreading kindness to those in need, our student council will be selling mustaches before school for $1. All proceeds will be donated to the San Diego Food Bank to help feed the more than 476,000 people in San Diego that face the threat of hunger each day.

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