This Week At McMillin May 30th-June 2nd

Continuing Student Enrollment

Please check your email for a link to continuing student enrollment. If you have not moved, you will not need to provide of residency.  If you have moved, then you will need to provide proof of residency.

CVESD Summer Camps

CVESD/Living Coast Discovery Center Wildlife Day Camps

  • Offered weeks of 6/5-6/9 or 6/12-/16
  • Designed for incoming 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students (based on grade level in 2023-24)
  • Maximum of 25 students per camp
  • Registration link:

CVESD/Junior Achievement BizTown and Finance Park Camps

  • BizTown
    • 6/20-6/23
    • Designed for incoming 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students (based on grade level in 2023-24)
    • Maximum of 158 students
  • Finance Park
    • 6/5-6/9 or 6/12-6/16
    • Designed for incoming 6th grade students (based on grade level in 2023-24)
    • Maximum of 70 students per camp

CVESD Hydro Station Camps

  • Offered weeks of 6/12-6/16 or 6/20-6/23
  • Designed for incoming 5th grade students (based on grade level in 2023-24)
  • Maximum of 30 students per camp
  • Registration link:

CVESD/Qualcomm Thinkabit Lab Tech for Good Summer Camps

  • Offered weeks of 6/12-6/16 or 6/20-6/23
  • Designed for incoming 6th grade students (based on grade level in 2023-24)
  • Maximum of 30 students per camp
  • Registration link:

CVESD Energy Station Camps

  • Offered weeks of 6/12-6/16 or 6/20-6/23
  • Designed for incoming 6th grade students (based on grade level in 2023-24)
  • Maximum of 30 students per camp
  • Registration link:

This Week At McMillin

Residency and Registration

On Monday, May 22, 2023, we will begin the Continuing Student Enrollment process through the Power School platform.  Parents of currently enrolled students returning for the next school year will have the opportunity to update required annual information and upload documents for the following: 

  • Verification of Residency (if a new change of address)
  • Housing Questionnaire
  • Emergency Contact changes 
  • Important Health Issues 
  • Student Disaster form (Authorization to Treat a Minor) 
  • Annual Parent Notification Agreement 
  • Student Internet Use Guidelines/Agreement 
  • FERPA Directory Information Opt-Out Agreement  

Residency Verification

  • If you have a change of address, fields will appear asking you to provide the new address. The platform will then require new proof of residency and verification of residency affidavit in the Document Upload Tab.

Also, if you have an incoming Kinder student, please complete the registration process as soon as possible.


Thank you to everyone who came out to the carnival.  It was so much fun!

Thank you, PTA, for putting on so many amazing events this school year.


6th grade promotion will be on June 1st at 9am at Calvary, next door to McMillin.

Makeup Testing

Please ensure your children continue to arrive to school on time every day as makeup testing i occurring this week for any students who were not able to finish last week.

This Week At McMillin May 8th- May 12th

How Are We Doing at McMillin?

McMillin prioritizes our school communities’ opinions, perceptions, and needs. The District is partnering with Hanover Research to conduct a short survey to help us understand how the current school year has been and the priorities and needs for the 2023-24 school year.

The confidential survey link will be sent out on Tuesday, May 9, and will stay open until May 23, 2023. Please be on the lookout for the link next week and take the time to participate in the short survey.

Lunch Menu

Carnival May 19th

Testing This Week

This Week At McMillin April 24th-April 28th

Is your family returning to McMillin for the 2023-2024 school year?

It is that time of year where we start to prepare for next year.  Is your family returning to McMillin next school year? Please let us know so that we can ensure we have enough staff and balanced classes.  Please complete this brief form to let us know:  FORM

Teacher Appreciation Week

How Should We Spend Our Money?

Every year McMillin develops a budget aligned to goals that supplement our baseline educational program.  These supplemental resources are intended to ensure positive outcomes for all of our students.  As parents/guardians, your input is an important voice in creating goals and a budget that is responsive to student need.  Please share your thoughts on this brief survey: LCAP/Title 1 Survey 

McMillin’s Got Talent

End Of Year Testing Schedule

Testing Letter to Families 2023

“Responsibility today, success tomorrow-Let’s do our part and pave the way!”

PTA Elections

As you know, the PTA plays a vital role in supporting events and the success of our students. The PTA is a group of dedicated parents who work together to enhance our school community by organizing events, fundraising, and advocating for our students. They are an essential part of our school’s success.

That’s why I am reaching out to encourage all of our parents to consider running for a position on the PTA board. Whether you have been involved with the PTA for years or are new to our community, your unique perspective and ideas can help shape the direction of our school and benefit our students.

Serving on the PTA board is a rewarding experience that allows you to make a real difference in the lives of our students. You will have the opportunity to work closely with other parents, teachers, and staff to create positive change in our school.

So, I encourage you to consider running for a position on the PTA board. Together, we can continue to make our school a welcoming and supportive community for all of our students.

PTA Board Positions: 

President – 1 

Secretary – 1 

Treasurer – 1

VP of Programs – 1

VP of Volunteers – 1

VP of Membership – 1

Auditor – Vacant

Historian – 1

Parliamentarian – Vacant

Eligibility for nomination: Must be a current member of the PTA for at least 30 days. Training is available for positions. 

Interested parties should contact the principal: Dr. Sturges

This Week at McMillin April 10th-14th

Month of the Military Child

A McMillin family was chosen to say the “Pledge of Allegiance.” at the County Supervisors meeting in honor of Month of the Military Child.

Image preview

McMillin’s Got Talent Coming Soon April 27th


Student Spotlight

For the first time in Achieve3000 history, a student is being spotlighted for her accomplishments on making a difference in the world. Chula Vista Elementary School District’s very own graduate from Heritage Elementary School, Rancho Del Rey Middle, and Otay Ranch High School, Ryann Mojica, is being honored for her uplifting work with children and for publishing the book, Learning to Navigate Through My Social Emotional World.  


Afterschool Clubs


Month of the Military Child

This Week At McMillin March 13th-17th

Daylight Savings March 12th Spring Forward

Minimum Day Conferences All Week

Questions to Ask at Parent-Teacher Conference

1. May I tell you about my child?

2. May I tell you about what’s going on at home?

3. How is my child doing socially?

4. How is my child doing emotionally?

5. What are my child’s academic strengths and areas to grow?

6. Is my child performing on grade level?

7. What do academic performance assessments mean?

8. Does my child need extra help in any areas?

9. May I share a concern?

10. Can you fill me in on a particular situation?

11. How can I help at home to support what you’re doing in the classroom?

12. What’s the best way to communicate with you?

Dogs Not Allowed on Campus

We all love our furry friends, but they cannot be on any part of our campus.  This includes the parking lot and outside of our gates.

Only service dogs are allowed:

Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. A service animal must be under the control of its handler. Under the ADA, service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered, unless the individual’s disability prevents using these devices or these devices interfere with the service animal’s safe, effective performance of tasks.

No Dogs Allowed Classic Round Sticker |

McMillin’s Teacher of the Year

Congratulations Mrs. Galang, 2nd teacher, for being selected among her colleagues as teacher of the year.

McMillin’s Classified Employee of the Year

Congratulations to Suzanne Puente, Student Attendant, for being selected by her colleagues as Classified Employee of the Year.

San Diego Legion Rugby

San Diego Legion has been a great fitness partner for McMillin.  They supported us during Beagle Bolt and have provided resources as well as training to our students in PE.  Check out this event below.

Flag Fest:
Flag Fest is a tournament-style event for students that were taught the Rookie Rugby program in their school or after-school program. It allows the students to work towards a goal and showcase their skills.
Flag Fest includes a free entry ticket for your student

To register CLICK HERE or copy the link below: