Aug 13-17

I want to thank all of our fantastic Moms and Dads for joining us last week during our Donuts with Dads and Muffins with Moms event! We had a great turnout and appreciate the support you gave during our book fair fundraiser. Having you on the campus makes our school even more special than usual!

This week looks like it’ll be pretty quite as far as events go, but many more are right around the corner!

I’d like to remind parents to please follow all traffic rules when dropping off and picking up students. At this time we only have one designated drop off/pick-up zone and that is directly in front of the school. You’ll be able to identify the area by the “white” painted curb. We also want to encourage you to avoid backing up traffic on Santa Cora by entering our parking lot. When a spot becomes available we’d like you to park and then pick up your child. Please do not have your child enter the parking lot alone as this area becomes very congested and is a very dangerous lot for children. Remember all red painted curbs are not for pick up or drop off and you risk a very expensive fine if ticketed.

We continue to look for ways to improve traffic flow, but the best piece of advice is to be patient, flexible, and respectful. Everyone wants the same thing and that is to have a safe environment for the kids and you are a key component in that goal ūüôā

Aug 6-Aug 10

This will be a busy week at McMillin! We hope all parents can join us for our Back to School Night. Teachers will give you a detailed overview on what you can expect for the year. Although this won’t be the time to conference about specific students this will give parents a chance to learn how they can support their children.

Due to our large numbers we will split up the event over two days:

Grades 4th-6th August 7th
4:00-4:30    Book Fair
4:30-4:45    PTA Address (Quad)
4:45-5:45    4th & 5th Grade
5:45-6:45    6th Grade
Grades TK-3rd  August 8th
4:00-4:30: Book Fair Open
4:30-4:45: PTA Association Meeting
4:45-5:45: TK, Kinder & First Grades
5:45-6:45: Second & Third Grades
6:45-8:00: Book Fair Open
While you’re at the Back to School Night you may want to stop by our PTA sponsored Book Fair. Proceeds go back to the school for supplies, assemblies, and support for the students. Thank you!
Also this week we’ll be having our Donuts with Dads (Thursday) and Muffins with Moms (Friday)! This is a great event to spend a little part of the morning with your child and maybe stop by the Book Fair!

Welcome Back to School

It’s been a busy be fantastic start at McMillin! For those of you returning you may notice a few changes from last year with your teachers. Ms. Vickers, Mrs. Del Busto¬†and Mrs. Hernandez¬†are now teaching 3rd grade, Mrs. Chimal is teaching Kindergarten, Mrs. Kinney is teaching 5th grade, and the newest edition to our staff is Mrs. De Alva teaching Transitional Kindergarten! All teachers have worked hard to prepare a rigorous, but engaging curriculum which I’m sure will lead us to another successful year!

I want to contiue to thank everyone for their paitience and flexibility with our traffic. Please continue to follow traffic rules and guidelines in order to keep our students safe.

I also want to encourage all parents who are able to look for opportunities to volunteer. With declining budgets across the state we continue to do more with less, so any support you could provide us will be greatly appreciated. Dont forget to mark your calendars for our Back to School Night Aug 7th (grade 4-6) and Aug 8 (grades K-3)

Finally please come back and check this blog on a weekly basis to receive updates! Thanks and have a great week!

Mr. Mora

Our New Associate Principal

Dear Families,

Hello, my name is Delia Diaz Ornelas, and I am so excited to be the new Associate Principal of McMillin Elementary School! I am looking forward to building long-lasting relationships with you and your children this year.

Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. I am originally from Los Angeles and have been living in Chula Vista for the past five years. I have two wonderful boys. Family is extremely important to me, and I look forward to introducing my family to yours.

During my fourteen years in education I have worked with students in preschool through sixth grade in both Los Angeles and San Diego. I have a Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education and a Masters Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

The connection between home and school is necessary for the success of our children. There are many ways for you to be involved in your child’s education at school, and at home. Please look for memos from me sharing upcoming events and tips for working with your child at home.

Please know that my door is always open and that creating a safe and nurturing school climate for your child is my top priority.

I know it is going to be a great year!



Delia Diaz Ornelas

Associate Principal

Students Welcome!

An amazing phenomenon has taken place here at McMillin over the last 3 years! At that time McMillin had over 870 students enrolled in the school and we had 34 classrooms making us feel as if we would burst at the seams! Unofrtunately, due to declining enrollments we now have a little over 800 students and only 31 classrooms. The bad news is we’ve had to lose some excellent educators, but the good news is we have room to grow again.

If you know any families with elementary age children, please encourage them to register. Our offices will be open until June 8th and we will re-open on July 11th.

Welcome Summertime!

Summertime wont be officially here for another few weeks (June 21 or 22 I believe), but for teachers and students it is already here! After another exciting year at McMillin, students and teachers are getting their chance to re-charge their batteries and it couldnt be more deserved! To all of you, I hope all of you get the chance to sit, relax, reflect and get ready for another hard charge at excellence!